Big Blue Madness 2009

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JohnWallBBM2009Friday Night was Big Blue Madness for the University of Kentucky Basketball Team.  It is an event to celebrate the first practice of the year for the team and programs across the county put on similar events, but let me be the first to say that there is no way that anyone else in the country is doing it quite like UK.  This was my fourth trip to a Madness event and I was blown away.  Friday night, these players and Coach Cal truly seemed like “rock stars” with all the lights and smoke!  The excitement level around the program right now is almost unmeasurable…the crowd on Friday night and the fanbase as a whole is craving for the opportunity to be back on top of college basketball.  In regards to talent, seeing what I saw on Friday night, UK has the horses to be back on top!  Now I am not throwing out predictions of a NCAA championship this year, but I am stating that college basketball better have their radar out for the CATS!




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For many UK Basketball fans, the past few seasons have been hard to watch.  Frustration with the program on and off the court had set in.  For a state that embraces a program in the way that it does the Wildcats, it was borderline unbearable to watch.  The program that we had grown up with and followed so passionately had fallen to a level that we never thought we would see again.  Blame for the state of the program could be directed at many different individuals or groups within and around the team, but one thing was for sure, the Wildcats were in a place that nobody wanted to be. 

Many changes have occurred from last season…new coach, many new players, and newfound excitement that hasn’t been seen in a while.  Tonight marks the beginning of a new era in Kentucky Basketball history.  Big Blue Madness will be our first glimpse at the whole package of the new program as it begins its journey toward national prominence once again. 

The following video is a great reflection of how many of the Wildcat faithful felt throughout the last few years and the excitement that awaits!  I will be attending tonight and will give a report soon on the experience!


TANGLE.COM “Free Weekly Download”

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Looking for a way to enhance your Christian music collection?  For FREE?  Check out  the (formerly GodTube) homepage at the bottom right of the screen to find the topic, “Free Weekly Download”.  This wonderful offer from allows for a free download each week of some of the greatest Christian artists today…I have downloaded free songs from David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and more.  They are more than likely not the top song(s) of these artist, but are definitely worth having in your collection…especially since they are free!  Below is a link to their homepage…check it out and enjoy the downloads!

Walk In The Word

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As the music/audio world is shifting away from CD’s and into iPod’s and mp3 players, one of the great benefits is programs like iTunes.  I don’t even have and iPod or iPhone, but I do take advantage of iTunes.  A wonderful feature is the many podcasts that you can subscribe to for free!  Many of you may frequently access these, but if you don’t, I highly encourage you to.  I have a few that I subscribe to and listen to on a regular basis.  This is how I keep up with my favorite Bible teachers…through their sermons and broadcasts that are available as podcasts.  They are easily accessible through the iTunes store and by merely subscribing.

OK, enough of the remedial course for the majority of you…the main reason I am blogging about this is to make a recommendation.  I listen on a daily basis to a very compelling Bible teacher/author/pastor by the name of James MacDonald.  I have his blog linked on the front-page sidebar of my blog.  His radio broadcast is entitled, “Walk in the Word.”  It is a great 20-25 minute daily injection of Biblical truth and I find his ability to communicate God’s word and principles extremely interesting.  I would highly encourage you to check it out.  He is currently providing an exposition of 1 John and is knocking it out of the park!  So many great nuggets of truth in that book and James is elaborating on them.  Below is a link to his blog (Straight Up) and a link to Walk in the Word’s website (the broadcasts can be accessed from here)…or you can just get on iTunes store (as well as and subscribe to the podcasts.  Also below is a few videos to give you a glimpse… Enjoy!  Let me know what you think in the comments section…

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One Month To Live

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What if you only had one month to live?  What if you only had 30 days remaining?  What about your life would change?  Why would it change?  I would say that most of us would definitely have a change of priorities and our day to day activities would more than likely look different than they do now.  The little things of life that just create busyness would probably take a back seat and relationships would probably jump to the forefront…especially our relationship with Christ.  So why do we have to wait until a prognosis like this is given to us…why don’t we just change our lives now instead of waiting?  These are great questions for all of us to consider.

Kerry and Chris Shook from Woodlands Church just outside of Houston, TX have written a book with the intent of challenging individuals and churches regarding this topic.  The book is entitled “One Month To Live”.  It has become a very popular book throughout the nation and one of the things they are promoting is for churches to take this on as a challenge…to preach & teach on the topic and during a month’s time to seek life transformation…living and loving as if they only had one month remaining.  Our church, First Baptist Church of Owensboro, KY, has decided to take this challenge…joining along with two other churches in Owensboro…Bellevue Baptist Church and Owensboro Christian Church.  The three churches will be conducting this challenge in their churches simultaneously over the next month.  How cool is that…three of the larger churches in town working together…breaking down barriers and thinking kingdom territory instead of church territory!  The one month challenge kicks off tomorrow night with a joint worship service at the RiverPark Center in Owensboro.  Three churches under one roof, praising God with one voice!  Needless to say, I am excited.  Please pray for these three churches over the next month as God’s people learn to live and love with a greater intensity for Him!

Also, take a look at the One Month To Live website for more information and testimonies…

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BarlowGirl “Beautiful Ending”

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In a previous post about my praising of the band Addison Road, I admitted to not often following/enjoying the music of female artists or bands with female lead singers.  Well, I have found another group that has really impressed me.  The band I am referring to is BarlowGirl.  They have definitely been around for a little while and I have heard them before, but one of their most recent songs has made quite an impression on me.  The song is “Beautiful Ending”, and in the video below they are interviewing and playing live on the Air1 Morning Show.  This song is from their soon to be released (9/8/09) album “love&war”.  I encourage you to take the time to watch and listen specifically to their explanation at the beginning on the background of the song…oh, and listen to the song as well…they are talented!  Enjoy…


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What happens when you spend your life  seeking your own pleasures and your own dreams and maybe even realize them?  And through that whole process you have put yourself in first place…

What happens when life has dealt you a difficult situation and you begin to throw out the “fairness” card (Life isn’t fair, God isn’t fair)?  And through that whole process you have put yourself in first place…

What happens when you try to fill voids in your life with pleasures of this world?  And through that whole process you have put yourself in first place…

What does putting yourself in first place lead you to in life?  Does it lead to contentment?  Does it lead to happiness?  Does it lead to fulfillment?  Does it lead to peace?

I recently came across a website that is dealing with these questions.  It is a small library of video testimonies from celebrities and “regular Joes” who talk about being second in their own lives and who/what is now first.  I could try to give many more details about this project called “I AM SECOND”, but I am afraid that I just wouldn’t be able to do it justice.  So, I encourage to click on the following link or the picture above and check out this great website!

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